There are two performances and, like all festival events, there is guaranteed seating for all. Performances are professionally staged and lit to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Con Brio Sun Peaks 2019 Gala Concert

Percussionist Martin Fisk

has performed across Canada and the US playing a wide variety of musical styles including orchestral, jazz, chamber, rock, theatre, klezemer, world music and musical theatre.  He refined his skills under the tutelage of John Rudolph and Sal Ferreras playing classical, contemporary and world music and has played with the Vancouver Symphony, Vancouver Opera and Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestras, Vancouver New Music, Red Shift Music Society and Gamelan Gong Gita Asmara. Martin is a member of the Fringe Group percussion ensemble and had the privilege to study gamelan music with Cudamani in Bali, Indonesia.


From the moment Mosely and his pals stepped up to the microphone and began singing, they realized that they had something very special going on.

Marcus Mosely, Will Sanders and Khari McClelland, (from Ralls, Texas, Alexandria, Luisiana and Detroit, Michigan respectively) have a unique sound with an authentic edge which draws on influences from gospel, soul, blues, r & b, country and social justice traditions.

Brass ensemble coming soon!