Are we required to perform 3 pieces of contrasting style as at the Con Brio Whistler or Sun Peaks Festival?

No. Do what is possible for your ensemble given the circumstances. If you have just one great piece ready to record, that is fine. 

What is the maximum allowable length of a performance recording? 

Recordings can be a maximum of 30 minutes in length. There is no required minimum.

Are popular tunes acceptable this year? 

Festival appropriate selections are preferred for adjudication. There are some excellent film score arrangements that would be appropriate, but best to avoid the latest pop music hits. 

Is video required or would an audio recording be OK?

The most important thing is the sound of your group. It’s nice to see faces, but not if it pushes the teacher or students outside their comfort zone. An audio recording is fine. 

Do we need an administrator signature verifying the authenticity of the recording?

No, we trust you and your students. 

How do I send in my recordings?

You will be sent a link by the CloudFest organizing team to attach your recording and score files. 

What about scores for adjudication?

Publishers have made allowance for this year only so that you can legally scan and upload scores and octavos to the link that we will send you.