Sun Peaks

15th Annual Sun Peaks Music Festival

for Concert & Symphonic Band, Wind Ensembles,

JaZZ Bands & Concert & Chamber Choir

Welcome to Sun Peaks, a beautiful Alpine Village located 30 minutes outside of Kamloops, BC and an inspiring location for a music festival.  For 15 consecutive years, Con Brio has turned Sun Peaks into a Band, Jazz Band and Choral camp culminating in massed choir and massed band performances. The village provides a safe, walkable festival environment for all participants.

Con Brio Sun Peaks is a NON-COMPETITIVE festival with a grading option. There are three festival categories that operate concurrently within the Sun Peaks Music Festival:

1. Concert & Symphonic Band: Generally considered to be 26 or more performers in balanced combination of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. Smaller ensembles will be considered.
2. Concert & Chamber Choir: Generally considered to be 20 or more voices in balanced parts performing concert/chamber choir repertoire.
3. Jazz/Stage Band*: A maximum of 24 instrumentalists. Larger ensembles will be considered. *Offered only in conjunction with registration of a concert band, choir or orchestra.

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