Why Choose ConBrio?

RFORD-2010“In my experience as an educator, a composer and an adjudicator at hundreds of festivals throughout North America, there is no comparison to the consistently exceptional work done by Con Brio Festivals. Their attention to detail, their care for every participant and their determination to inspire both student and teacher make the Con Brio Whistler and Sun Peaks Music Festivals something I look forward to attending year after year.”

Ralph Ford, Music Education consultant, Composer/Arranger – Alfred Publishing.


Superior Faculty

Faculty members for Con Brio Festivals have a passion for music and music education and the ability to communicate effectively and positively with teachers and students of all ages and stages of musical development. They are leaders in composition, conducting and education theory, philosophy and practice.

Non-Competitive but with a grading option

We believe that learning is not enhanced by a competitive environment and created the festivals to be non-competitive. We also understand that there is sometimes value in knowing where your ensemble ranks. Teachers may select to have their ensemble graded to receive a bronze, silver, or gold ranking according to accepted standards and expectations for excellence.  There is no publication of results, they are only for you and your ensemble.

On Time Every Time

The Con Brio Whistler and Sun Peaks Festivals have a well-earned reputation for exceptional organization. All adjudications and events run precisely to schedule ensuring that every minute is used to its greatest potential. In our planning, we follow each student through the schedule to ensure they will be able to attend all events regardless of how many ensembles they are participating in.

The Best Equipment

Our sponsors at Long & McQuade and Conn-Selmer help to ensure that we have the very best equipment. Percussion, amplifiers, keyboards, audio and lighting gear are of superior quality allowing a worry free experience for students and teachers. If there is a concern, a technician is in the performance room for immediate assistance.

Festival Guides

There’s no wondering where to go or when on performance day.  A festival host is assigned to guide you through storage, warm-up, performance, workshop and back to storage.

Every musician performs better with an audience

We ensure no ensemble performs to an empty hall.  Each concert band, orchestra and concert choir is scheduled to attend another’s performance at a specific time. Selection of other performances to attend is your choice. In addition, schools with more than one ensemble are scheduled so that they are able to attend each others performance.

Professional Development Workshops

An inspired performance is the product of an inspired teacher. Each year we offer a new selection of workshops by respected leaders in music and music education to enrich our teachers with ideas and strategies so that they may continue to motivate their students for many years to come.

The Festival Gala Concert

Professionally staged and managed so that every student has a clear sight line for maximum enjoyment, the Gala Concert is a showcase for your students to hear “music they didn’t know they’d always loved”. The range of instrumental and vocal performers crosses culture, genre, and style to create an engaging and inspiring experience that brings the audience to its feet year after year.

Massed Ensembles

The massed ensembles create a tangible example of what is possible in large choir, band or string orchestra. Imagine being one of many tenor voices or one of thirty French horns rather than one of two…. or perhaps the only one in your section. The massed ensembles deliver a stirring and unforgettable finale to the festival experience.

And More!

See the individual festival pages for a complete list of what is offered in each location.

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