Registration is offered in a 3 day/2 night package that includes travel, accommodation and all Festival Fees. Registration is processed on a first-come, first-served basis upon receipt of a completed registration form and the required deposit. All groups are required to book/register through Ellison Travel and Tours, the appointed agent for Con Brio Festivals.


There are three festival categories that operate concurrently within the Festival: 

  1. Concert Band: 22 or more performers in a balanced combination of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments.  Ensembles of 20 or 21 in a balanced combination will be considered on an individual basis.
  2. Concert Choir: 20 or more singers performing concert/chamber choir repertoire.
  3. Jazz/Stage Band:  16 – 24 performers.  Offered only in conjunction with registration of a concert band or  choir meeting the above requirements.

The Festival is scheduled so that participants registered in more than one category may participate in adjudication, workshops, master classes and massed performances in all categories without conflict.

We looking forward to welcoming you.

Please revisit this page as we continue to update for 2022

Direct all festival programming inquiries to:
Susan Magnan or Douglas Macaulay, Founders, Artistic & Managing Directors
Phone: 604-908-1293   Email:


Local and/or national media, including social media, radio stations, television stations, newspapers and magazine writers and photographers, may be invited to attend Con Brio Festivals. The media may record comments, videotape and photograph for various programs, documentaries and features. This includes videographers and photographers employed by Con Brio Festivals directly to archive and capture the festival in its entirety. All ensembles (unless they have notified the Festival in writing that they do not wish to participate) will be considered for participation. Registering for the Festival constitutes the Ensemble’s agreement and permission for such media coverage, and constitutes a waiver of all copyrights, fees and royalties unless the Festival is notified in advance in writing.